Ten Thirty One

The first collection of Pankhearst erotica will be published on October 31st 2015 – Halloween – and will feature dark and disturbing stories of truth and fantasy.

There are rules. But not many. And if you’re reading this, you probably already know who we are and what we do and the few things we won’t stand for. However, your story must be set on Halloween 2015 and there should be none of that paranormal bullshit. No vampires. No shapeshifters. None of that there at all. Unless, of course, you really believe you are the sole exception, the one writer on earth who can make that shit work. (Hint: you’re not). Oh, and no dinosaurs either, please, no monsters. No aliens with three dicks. No intergalactic succubi with razor-sharp vagina teeth and lethal acid squirt.

Other than that and the things we deem obvious, this will be a no limits book. Whoever you are, whatever you like to do, we love you all. Bring out your fetishes and dark secrets for Halloween. Dress up for us. Tell us your truths. Show us your dreams, your nightmares. Write the story you would like to read.  Or maybe hate. Write the story that makes it hard for you to spell and punctuate. And always, always remember that the brain is the most important erogenous zone. It’s how you feel and why that counts, not detailed descriptions of plumbing.

Official Guidelines:


  • No minimum
  • Suggested maximum – 4000 words


  • Evil stuff
  • Stupid stuff

Requirement Your story must be set on Halloween 2015. That is all.

Schedule Submissions are open now and will close on Monday August 17th. Ten Thirty One will publish on or shortly before Halloween.

Send submissions or questions to pankhearst@gmail.com


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