Slim Volume: No Love Lost

Our first poetry and flash fiction anthology is interested in striking works of ‘anti-romance’.

What is anti-romance? Whatever doesn’t conform to the ‘someone-meets-someone-else followed by happily ever after’ formula. Think ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, think Tyler and Marla from Fight Club, think The Taming of the Shrew instead of Romeo and Juliet. We love roses as much as anybody, but we love them with thorns intact. Sometimes we even like them withered and chucked in a gutter. Give us the full spectrum of love – the broken, the funny, the tough, the sideways, and the lost.

Send us no more than:

  • 3 poems, each 40 lines or less
  • 2 flash fictions, each 750 words or less

Slim Volume will be edited by Kate Garrett.

Send your submissions to

Submissions closed on August 31st.

Submissions will open for our next Slim Volume in December 2014. The theme will be Travel and Place.


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