Slim Volume: See Into the Dark

Slim Volume: See Into the Dark will be our fourth anthology of poetry and flash fiction (May 2016), and for this one I want you to frighten me out of my fluffy winter socks. Or at the very least, unsettle me, like one of those dreams where you’re out in public with half (or all of) your clothes missing, or the ones where you pull out your own teeth and it doesn’t hurt.

This will be a book of oddities and causes for alarm.

Serial killers? Ghosts? Demonic possessions? Monsters under the bed? It’s all okay with me, but as always, please keep realism involved in the proceedings: if you’re going to be otherworldly, make sure I still believe it could happen in this one. (And I’m sorry this has to be said, but sparkly vampires are not okay with me.) Maybe you have a strangely creepy story or poem you wouldn’t consider horror at all – but if it’s weird, I probably want to read it. Anything that could be described with the term “Kafkaesque” is also welcome.

Fear is something slightly different for all of us. Send yours in the form of:

• Poems – 40 lines or less
• Flash Fiction – 750 words or less

Send up to 5 poems or 3 flash fictions – or a reasonable mix of the two – to These can be in the body of your email, or attached in a .doc, .docx or .rtf. Please do not send PDFs.

Please also include a one-sentence creative third-person bio on the theme of horror, fear, or strangeness, e.g. “Kate Garrett likes to think she’d be the final girl, but in reality would probably be caught first after tripping over her own feet.” (A credits/CV style bio is not important, please do not send one – I am interested in the quality of your poetry and stories.)

Reprints will be considered, as long as you let me know where the work appeared first, and you still own the rights.

Simultaneous submissions are okay too, but please let me know as soon as possible if you need to withdraw a piece from consideration.

Successful contributors will receive one PDF ebook copy of the anthology. Unfortunately we are unable to provide paperback contributor copies.

Slim Volume is edited by Kate Garrett.

Submissions will close on 5 February 2016.