Once a week, most weeks, we will publish one Raw short story. Sometimes they will be our own stories because we’re proud of them, but everyone is welcome to submit and we’d much prefer to showcase other writers so don’t be afraid to pitch in.

If your story is selected, this is what you’ll get:

  • A full edit and proofread by our editorial team
  • Final say on every word and punctuation mark
  • Your story will be published right here on this website, but you will keep all the rights
  • An invitation to feature in a profile piece all about you

Everyone is welcome to submit to Raw, but we’re not looking for stories about rainbows and unicorns. We’re looking for open nerves and naked self expression. We’re looking for truths.

There are no limits. No minimum or maximum word counts. No genre straitjackets. If your rainbow unicorn story kick serious ass, we will publish it. Give us micro fiction, flash fiction, short fiction, epic novellas, we’re game. Give us YA, Science Fiction, or Erotica. Mix them up if you like. Send us Crime, Noir, Romance, or Fantasy. Anything goes. Only, please:

  • Put the title and genre of your story in the subject of your email.
  • Introduce yourself in one paragraph or less
  • Paste your story into the body of your email
  • And that’s it

Send your submissions to editor@pankhearst.com


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