Cars And Girls

Cars And Girls is the first Pankhearst release. A collection of themed noir novellas and short stories, it was published at the end of May 2013 on Kindle and in paperback via Createspace.

Cars And Girls - Paperback Cover
Cars And Girls – Paperback Cover

At a total length of 68,000 words, it features the following stories.

500 by Zoë Spencer
An English aristocrat seeks to end a bloody feud before it engulfs the next generation.

ROAD RUNNER by Tee Tyson
A nihilistic junkie whore hell bent on revenge snatches a last-gasp shot at unlikely redemption.

BARRACUDA by Madeline Harvey
An Arkansas waitress protects her baby sister at all costs.

CROWN VICTORIA by Evangeline Jennings
And two young runaway lovers with a steep price on their heads take a savage roadtrip through all kinds of crazy.


Out of the collection, Tee Tyson’s writing excited me the most, Tyson perfectly (ahem) executes the fast, furious pace of her story and had me shaking with adrenalin, as if I were riding along with Holly, putting the pedal to the metal in her Daddy’s lime green Road Runner …

The final story in the collection, ‘Crown Victoria’ by Evangeline Jennings, delivers a wonderful twist surpassing anything the film The Sixth Sense and its ilk could deliver …

I heard there’s a new Cars & Girls Vol 2 out soon; my first thought was ‘Shut up and take my money!’

Sabotage Reviews

A cast of brave, badass but damaged heroines who fuck, fight, love and lie, swinging from fragility to ferocity with more speed and power than their weapons or getaway cars.

But it isn’t all blood, gore and cutesy quips while the world goes to hell. This is no trashy, two-dimensional pulp. Instead, the authors in Cars & Girls play with those tropes and make them entirely their own.

A fast-paced, compelling collection painted in harsh Tarantino technicolour, perfect for hot days and nights.

The stories in Cars & Girls bite, batter and bruise. At times they’re uncomfortable and uncompromising, while at others they’re beautiful and bittersweet. And they’re guaranteed to get your engine running.

For Books’ Sake

It’s a provocative title and yet it suits the writing content and style. The stories are brutal and hard-hitting. Men are generally, but not always, the instigators of violence but the women are determined to seek revenge and redemption through their actions. I found some of the violence a little hard to take but I suspect this is because I’m not particularly used to the noir style and it’s certainly no worse than you can find in mainstream crime fiction. There’s a strong sexual theme in particularly the last story and I can see that one future project for the press is a collection of contemporary ‘noirotica’.

Fans of noir should give this collection a go. The stories are well written, brutal and engaging. The collection is dedicated to ‘everyone who said we couldn’t’ which suggests that considerable work has gone into getting this new press off the ground. I hope it achieves considerable success.


As interesting as it is sexy and provocative ... the stories take in everything from drug addiction and murder to dangerous feuds and the lengths we’ll go to to protect our families. A danger and suspenseful read, it’s exactly the kind of thing that those of us who are doomed to spend the next few months working, studying, babysitting, and generally having the time of our lives on adventure-filled road trips need to remind us what’s out there.

My favourite story was Tee Tyson’s Road Runner, in which a vengeful drug addict manages to redeem herself. At 68,000 words, the four short stories contained here come in at just under the length of a novel, making it the perfect title to take on holiday.

Hi Magazine

All the trappings of pulp fiction, overlaid with a thin coating of Tarantino-esque irony, with the idea of the femme fatale taken to new extremes. It owes something to 90s Riot Grrl culture, but its roots stretch all the way back to the golden age of the pulps. Out goes Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade and Parker; in come tough girls not afraid to drive fast, shoot first and fight dirty. There are dark flecks of Donald E Westlake in this mixture. Its winks to the audience never get too cute.



  • Brilliant Scottish author Martin Millar has written several of Evangeline’s favourite books. He enjoyed Cars and Girls enough to quasi-interview her on his own blog. Martin also writes the Thraxas series under the name Martin Scott.
  • International bon vivant and writer of noir fiction Paul D Brazill grilled Evangeline in a Short, Sharp Interview
  • Kathy Reinhart spoke with all four authors of Cars and Girls at Ink Drop Interviews
  • Pankhearst, Cars and Girls, and the very lovely Miss Tee Tyson are all featured on the June podcast from For Books Sake. They like us. They really like us.
  • Pat Black at Booksquawk interviewed three of the four Pankhearsts and accused us of sexual deviancy. Which is fair enough really.
  • The very lovely Audra interviewed Evangeline at Unabridged Chick


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Also available at an Amazon near you. Just edit the URL.


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