Burning Down The House

By Evangeline Jennings

Watch out. You might get what you’re after.

A post-electoral dystopia blues, Burning Down The House describes the future breakdown of a once great nation following the rise of a tiny-fingered snake oil salesman.

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Early reviews on Amazon:

A convincing and chilling story.

This dystopian mosaic is like an Altman movie with a Tarantino aesthetic: a big, diverse cast of characters and a lot of death and destruction.

Totally plausible.

This book is a grim and difficult read at this dark time of a dark year, which is exactly why we need it. Jennings imagines how things might play out over not that many years if political and societal seeds planted now are allowed to flourish. It’s an ugly, poisonous crop.

A journey which shows how rapidly society disintegrates as extremists and fanatics gain an ever-stronger foothold.

The writing is clear, concise and refreshingly understated. Storytelling taken to a fine art.

Jennings is a great writer because she writes half a second forward from the truth.

burning-down-the-house-kindle-cover-ad burningdownthehouse


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