No Exit

For immediate release
(April 20, 2014)


Release Date – May 1st

Pankhearst is proud to announce that the May release in our year long Singles Club will be No Exit, a dark psychological thriller written by the extraordinary Dan Holloway.

No Exit - Dan Holloway


No Exit

Two women who’ve never met are about to commit murder together.
No Exit is a dark psychological thriller set in Oxford that asks a very simple question – can it ever be a good thing to kill?
Dani was the sole survivor of a horrific war crime in the former Yugoslavia. She has devoted her life to hunting down the perpetrators, leading her to become a detective in Oxford. But when the police let her down, where does she turn?
Alice’s world is turned upside down when her best friend Cassie commits suicide after a bullying campaign. How can she reconcile her desire for revenge with her guiding principle, Make the world a more beautiful place?
Could a cold-blooded killing really be the answer for both of them?

Dan Holloway

Dan Holloway is something of a phenomenon: poet, novelist, publisher, commentator, event organiser and promoter; there isn’t much connected with literature that he doesn’t do, and do with gusto and a probing desire to experiment.
~ Sabotage Reviews


For further information and digital review copies, contact

Independent Writers Collective
Austin | London | Alice Springs | Vancouver


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