Cars & Girls I

For immediate release
(May 10, 2013)


Publication Date Announced – May 24th

CARS AND GIRLS will be the first Pankhearst publication. Described as the #FemNoir Sampler, it will be published on May 24th in both ebook and paperback format. Initially it will be available only via Amazon.

This is what she's like.
This is what she’s like.

At a total length of 68,000 words, it will feature the following stories.

500 by Zoë Spencer
An English aristocrat seeks to end a bloody feud before it engulfs the next generation.

ROAD RUNNER by Tee Tyson
A nihilistic junkie whore hell bent on revenge snatches a last-gasp shot at unlikely redemption.

BARRACUDA by Madeline Harvey
An Arkansas waitress protects her baby sister at all costs.

CROWN VICTORIA by Evangeline Jennings
And two young runaway lovers with a steep price on their heads take a savage roadtrip through all kinds of crazy.

Fierce. Strong. Angry. Determined. These are women you would be proud – and possibly scared – to know. All except Holly. Holly’s one sick bitch.

Artwork is available for download:

For further information and advance digital review copies, contact

Independent Writers Collective
Austin | London | Sydney | Vancouver

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