TeeTee Tyson
Founding Editor

Tee Tyson was the first person to join the Pankhearst collective. Strictly speaking it wasn’t a collective until then, just Evangeline and her stupid idea.

Tee edited the first Pankhearst collection Cars & Girls with Evangeline and contributed her own story ‘Roadrunner’.  She also wrote for Heathers, and in August 2014, published her own Kindle single, Mini.

Most recently, Tee co-edited the Pankhearst serial, The Vegas Thing where she mentored and worked closely with the fetching flibbertigibbet Madeline Harvey.

Google maps has pinpointed Tee’s whereabouts to be somewhere in rain-soaked British Columbia. She survives the brutal terrain of the Pacific North West by utilizing her impressive camouflage skills and treating every day as if it were the zombie apocalypse. When she’s not battling badgers and harvesting maple syrup, she can be found star gazing, eating apples and walking her poorly trained dog. Tee Tyson is best described as a nature lover, music nerd and genius, playgirl philanthropist.Her dream is to move into the mountains where she will tend a garden, bake pies and own a claw foot bathtub. One day, she will walk among the wildflowers.

She had a five year plan, but four of those years are gone.

Blog: http://thenerdbirdwrites.blogspot.ca/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheNerdBirdWrites

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NerdBirdTweets


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