Madeline Harvey

Madeline Harvey enthusiastically joined the Pankhearst collective in hopes of embarrassing herself through the written word. Other than these short stories, she has penned one unremarkable novel and has high hopes for the next. This is her first time putting her work into the world.

Not only does she create unconventional characters for people to fall in love with, but she seeks them out in real life. Her favourite word is nectarine and, even though the rules frown upon it, she enjoys using adverbs.

In her spare time she likes to stoke fires, buy vintage clothing and read crime novels. Her favourite pastime is debunking the sugar and spice myth women are shrouded in. Wine must always accompany her cheese. And she avoids horses and dogs at all costs. People call her Mad Harvey, and she really is quite bonkers. She keeps house in London and always keeps her knees together when wearing a skirt.

You can find her on twitter:

And her blog:


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