LucyLucy Middlemass
Senior Editor

Based in the UK, Lucy was Pankhearst’s senior fiction editor. She is also a very talented writer. She contributed stories to all three of our YA collections, penned the standalone Kindle single, Mothers, and co-authored a second single, Convertible.

Lucy also co-wrote the full length YA book First Girl on the Moon with Evangeline Jennings, and now after the end of Pankhearst, she is partnering with Evangeline in a new venture, Furious.

When she isn’t fixing other people’s writing, Lucy is a tidy and wise person living a 1970’s lifestyle in a 1980’s house. She is a parent of three cats, and she does have a favourite. She manipulates them into staying with her by feeding them. If Lucy had a tail, she thinks she’d tuck it in.

Lucy looks best in stripey jumpers and skinny jeans. She doesn’t like skirts on her but she doesn’t mind if you’re wearing one. She doesn’t like traveling, or new experiences unless they are theoretical.

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First Girl on the Moon


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