Garage BandKate Garrett
Senior Editor

Kate was the senior editor with special responsibility for poetry, flash fiction, and our regular journal of both, Slim Volume. Kate also championed and edited the play In The Jungle You Must Wait by Jeremy Johnson. And she is the author of the best-selling Kindle Single, Bewitched. Kate used to live in America. She doesn’t anymore.

Kate now edits and manages both Three Drops Press and Picaroon Poetry.

As you might expect, Kate writes pomes. But her first loves were songs and short stories. At three years old she self-published a Care Bears fan fiction, written in crayon on old pieces of wallpaper with a cardboard binding.

Slim VolumeIn her middle teens, after reading the work of the Beat Generation and getting desperately hooked on Bad Religion lyrics, Kate realised poetry was a perfect balance between music and prose fiction. She still writes whatever takes her fancy, but these days she’s mostly a pome-maker.

Kate doesn’t think it’s grim up north, refuses to believe grunge could ever die, and would not-so-secretly rather be a pirate.

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