Life During Wartime


A print and ebook fiction collection

Editor: Evangeline Jennings

As the poet said, Imagine all the idiots voting together as one. Imagine no compassion. It’s easy if you try.

Now, imagine one of these right wing fascist and/or theocratric dildos gets elected President, while his friends and family sweep the Senate and  House. Imagine a country run by Donald Trump, the Brothers Koch, and the Open Carry Mouthbreathers who think it all went wrong when people stopped whuppin’ slaves and women were allowed to wear shoes. The people who think the answer to school shootings is to give teachers guns.

Sample Kindle CoverNow imagine you live in the country those people rule, the country they build. The Holy American Empire.

Imagine you’re trying to raise a family, finding it harder every day, worrying perpetually about your monthly payments. Watching the rich get richer while you struggle to pay for your child’s medication.

Imagine you’re about to be put on the train “home”, even though you were born in Illinois.

Imagine you got you one of them there satanic gay marriages.

Imagine you’re a soldier and the things your government may ask you to do — at home or abroad.

Imagine you’re a teenager wondering how the hell you are ever going to afford the life TV promised you. Or college. Either way.

Imagine you’re a Muslim in a country governed by the Christian Right.

Imagine black lives, brown lives, and poor lives don’t matter, and everybody knows and acts accordingly.

Imagine twenty years on: a brand new civil war.

Now write me a story. Yes, we’re talking immediate future dystopia blues.


Send your story to:

Prose only. No minimum length. A tentative maximum of 10,000 words.

All stories must be set in America some time after the new President has taken office.

First drafts due by January 31st 2016, but the sooner the betterer, obv.

Simultaneous submissions are both allowed and encouraged. Please make sure to withdraw any piece accepted elsewhere as soon as possible by email with your name and the title of the piece.

All submissions must be in English.

If you want to see the sort of story we’re looking for, you could do worse than take a look at No Christmas

You should also look at our General Information.

Does anybody have any questions?

Collection Title

Originally we were going to call this TRUMP 2016 but then we realized that he may implode at any moment. So then we were going to call it Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love because we have a peachy logo. But now it’s probably going to be Life During Wartime.

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