Fresh/Fresh Featured

Once a week, every week, we will publish one Fresh poem. The poems showcased will be by previously unpublished poets (with the exception of poetry posted on their own blogs), or emerging poets who have only had their work in (online or print) magazines / anthologies in the last 12 months.

Of course this excludes anyone with a full pamphlet or collection – even if your pamphlet / collection is self-published. But you aren’t being left out: if you’re a poet with a pamphlet or collection, or are otherwise established, and would like an opportunity to promote your work, check out our platform for all other writers and artists.

Fresh Featured will be published monthly: three poems from one previously unpublished or emerging poet, along with a short interview. For Fresh Featured, I don’t mind if your work has appeared in online and print magazines / anthologies for more than a year, but we still want to give this chance to those currently without a full pamphlet or collection to their name.

So, to summarise:


  • One poem, one poet, once a week, every week
  • Unpublished poets (your work appearing on a personal blog doesn’t count in this case)
  • Very early Emerging poets (work has only appeared in magazines/anthologies in the last 12 months)
  • Sorry, no poets with full collections or pamphlets

Fresh Featured

  • Three poems, one poet, one short interview, once a month
  • As above – Unpublished and early Emerging poets
  • Other Emerging poets (so it’s okay if your work has appeared in magazines and anthologies for some time, but you don’t have a collection published)
  • Sorry, again, no poets with full collections or pamphlets

So if you’re interested, drop me a line. To submit to Fresh and/or Fresh Featured, send 2-5 of your best (previously unpublished please, emerging folks…) poems – preferably with a little “hello there, here are my pomes” email – to Kate at


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