Where in the world are we? A bumper giveaway

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This month we have published three beautiful new books:

  • America Is Not the World is an international collection of poetry and short fiction with a title that speaks for itself.
  • Ted Cruz Smiles and a Baby Dies is shamelessly and inevitably all about America and what it may become following this year’s election.
  • While First Girl on the Moon is a very feminist YA fiction collection that features places as far afield as California, the United Arab Emirates, and Paris.

And to celebrate, we thought we’d throw a party with cake. Continue reading “Where in the world are we? A bumper giveaway”


Join Our Club

In the middle of April, we will be publishing three books in three days — details below — and effing good books they are too. So good that we want your help telling the world about them, ideally by writing a review. Continue reading “Join Our Club”