America is not the World – Submissions Closed

A print and ebook collection

Editor: Rachel Nix

Many Americans would beg to differ, but America is not the world, and this Autumn (Fall, if you must) we are inviting submissions from poets and short fiction writers who have something to say on that theme.

AINTW002This will be an international collection. Americans are not excluded, but we don’t want to hear you argue against our theme. We aren’t inviting a debate for or against the States; we want to hear about your stomping grounds, your views. By all means, if you have an opinion about America, do tell; if you don’t give a rip, that’s cool. Elaborate or don’t. But don’t feel obligated to write about America. It is not the world.

Write about your world, your way. Tell us why you’re at war with it or how you survive in it. Tell us your history, glorious as it is, or crumbled and begging for revolution. Write about home, wherever it is. We want real stories, those that aren’t interrupted by commercial breaks or campaigns. This isn’t about politics, but use them if that’s how you break it all down. And really, whether we realize it or not, as Thomas Mann wrote in The Magic Mountain: “Everything is politics.”

If you were born in the States and left, tell us why. If you live in America, but your heritage is elsewhere, how does that feel? What do you have to teach us about the world? What are you trying to learn from it?

Everything is important, and everything’s allowed. To borrow from Andrew Glaze—

…poetry ought to be shocking
and poets ought to be dangerous.
In whatever country, honest feeling is always
shocking and dangerous.

And the same goes for flash-fiction and short stories. If you’re not trying to change the world, why bother writing about it?

Submission Guidelines

Send up to 5 poems or 3 short fiction works in the body of an email, or in an attachment [.doc, .docx, or .rtf, please] if absolutely necessary, to:

A cover letter isn’t important, but please feel encouraged to behave like a human and show your charm. Or just tell me how you like your coffee. I like coffee people.

Previously published works are allowed, but only if you own the rights. We’ll want to give credit to the original publisher, so let us know who that was.

Simultaneous submissions are both allowed and encouraged. Please make sure to withdraw any piece accepted elsewhere as soon as possible by email with your name and the title of the piece(s).

All submissions must be in English.

Deadline: January 4, 2016

You should also look at our General Information. If you have any other questions, I’m an email away.

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