Back to mono, that’s where the Cadillac was going

It’s a minor victory, but I’ll take it.

Continuing to rescue long lost treasures, I finally took the plunge and tried my hand with my old … what do I call it now? Hi-fi? Stereo? I give up. Anyway, this is what I’m talking about.

Next I need a Dansette.

I bought the turntable in 2005–Bestbuy, I believe–but it went into storage when I moved from Austin to Houston after Hurricane Ike.  The speakers, amplifier, and CD player were a gift from my father on my 13th birthday, centuries ago, and they’ve been in a box as well since I made the move.

I’m powering the British gear through a horrible but effective transformer, or at least I think that’s the word, that I bought when I first set up home in America.

And here’s the thing, the victory: every single component still works. Well, except the remote for the CD player. That needs batteries.

So what music did I pluck from my vast and unused collection of vinyl and CDs. I’m slightly ashamed to admit it was ‘Love’ by the Cult. In both formats. Something I haven’t heard this millennium.


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