A Writer’s November Diary – Day Twenty-Seven

Dear Diary

Mischief almost managed. The first act of my new something-or-other novel has gone out to nine kind and inquiring souls. Hopefully they’ll be able to tell me what genre it is. I’m thinking it might be a New Adult Urban Fantasy, but what the eff do I know?

I’ve also created and ordered paperback versions of four of my ‘finished’ novels so I can read them properly while I’m away in Europe during December and January, and think about things like:

— What needs fixing?
— Should I really change one of YA novels into two books?
— How best to take them forward¬† in 2017?

Tomorrow I’m buying a cheap laptop to take with me on my travels so that I can write two new short stories in my down time. One for the second volume of Brave New Girls and one for a crime fiction collection a friend is editing.

I’m going to make a start on the Brave New Girls story now because I have a concept all set and ready to go. And by the by, if any of you are interested in writing feministy syfy for a good cause, I urge you to give it go. Here’s the link to the submissions page.




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