See Into the Dark (and the near-future): Poetry Updates

Today – Friday the 13th of May – we release our latest Slim Volume anthology, See Into the Dark. It is of course a most auspicious day for publishing multiple horrors and disturbances in the form of a poetry and flash fiction collection: obviously Friday the 13th is considered unlucky, but this particular Friday the 13th also falls four days after the 36th anniversary of the classic slasher film of the same name.

It would be impossible to pick a favourite Slim Volume, but the quest for horror poetry that accompanied this one was a beautiful experience: horror is my favourite weakness, whether that’s gore, Gothic, or good old existential dread.

Seeing into the dark aside, I thought we could take a minute to peek into the future as well. Slim Volume would usually be open for submissions again by now, but I’m taking a break from this for several months – these books are my babies, but as we’ve just brought the fourth in this anthology series into the world, so my fourth actual human child is on her way at the end of July.

We will return this winter though. Slim Volume: Particles of Change, our fifth anthology, will open for submissions at the end of November 2016, and be published in May 2017. The themes will be changes, different perspectives, and new beginnings.

And in the meantime, if you really find yourself missing the seductive promise of a new Slim Volume, you’ll be able to get a Pankhearst poetry anthology fix on a few other levels.

First, there’s DERANGED, co-edited by Rachel Nix and me. Get ready for a collection of 47 poems about breaking rules, gender nonconformity, and badass women in the arts (and everyday life). Set for a July release, this book is going to be worth your time – if we do say so ourselves, as semi-professional badasses.

And second, we’re going to release free Best of Fresh and Best of Slim Volume ebooks in the summer as well. Date to be confirmed, but rest assured I am, as they say, on it like a sonnet. (Do they say that? If they don’t, they probably should.)

If you want to buy Slim Volume: See Into the Dark, you can get it here.

If you want to join us for our online launch, you can do that here.

And if you want Goth poetry lessons, there’s this…


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