Fresh: Hometowns by Rhea Nath


Amidst frenzied thoughts and
a cacophony attacking my eardrums,
I watched him cross the busy street.

There was a confidence
in his strides that
I intensely envied.

This city is his home.
It is where he enjoyed his
first cigarette, where he snuck
out to be an (underage) creature
of the night for the first time,
where he fell in love and had the
glass castle of his heart shatter-

Now, his shoulders are strong
and his mind has expanded.

This city is mere specks of dust
in the kaleidoscope of his life,
but it is home.

I wonder if he even knows this
-any of this- as he hails a taxi
and drives away.

Rhea L Nath is in her second year at FLAME University, majoring in Literary and Cultural Studies. Though she is a Bangalore girl at heart, she currently lives in Pune, India. Rhea’s work has been previously published in Oddball Magazine. When she isn’t reading or making conversation, she enjoys dancing, travelling and playing with her Labrador, Cesar. In the future, she hopes to publish a collection of poetry and children’s novels.


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