Fresh: Out of Nowhere by Liz Ferrets

Out of Nowhere

Can’t be doing with a moody Donna
won’t sing a song a song
coz she doesn’t wanna

Beware of the light
at the end of the tunnel
it could be an oncoming train
Don’t shoot yourself
in the foot tonight
or sabotage the mainframe
Plans spinning away again

Do your frown lines
reflect the life
you have led?
How many things have you done
that you need to forgive
in yourself
in others?
Why don’t you bother your brother
or ask your sister

You missed her
she’s gone like
the Jack Frost
on a warm spring day
She’s found another game to play

One with less rules
Made with silk thread spools
Involves tying loose knots
in far away places
Evokes early year snapshots
half forgotten faces
that peer out from pages
of faded grey paper

Did she go her own way
or did you make her
sing that song that
she just didn’t wanna
Should I forgive moody Donna?

Over the past year, Sheffield (where Fresh editor Kate lives, edits, writes and performs) saw Liz Ferrets become an important part of the spoken word scene. We sadly lost her this past weekend, following a short but terrible illness. Liz was a true star, and carried on performing and submitting her work until she was physically unable to do either. I hope you enjoyed her poem today. More of Liz’s work will feature in the upcoming Slim Volume: See into the Dark in May. – Kate

Rat keeper. Light sleeper. In the evening she’s a singer with the band. Liz Ferrets battles her demons in a quiet Sheffield, UK backstreet. You can catch Liz showcasing her work on the Sheffield Spoken Word open mic circuit and lift her words from the page and screen from both the Three Drops and I Am Not a Silent Poet webzines/anthologies. Liz writes from the heart about things that make her think … and hopes that it makes other people think too.


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