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In the middle of April, we will be publishing three books in three days — details below — and effing good books they are too. So good that we want your help telling the world about them, ideally by writing a review.

If you would like advance review copies of one or more of our precious April babies, here’s what you can do:

Join our club, by signing up for our mailing list — We’ll be announcing a new program for reviewers shortly, and there’s always giveaways, prizes, and n00dz to be had.

Request your review copies directly

Otherwise, watch out for competitions and shit as we get nearer the publication date(s).

Now, here’s some stuff about the books.

April 14 — First Girl on the Moon

First Girl On The Moon - Front CoverBy Lucy Middlemass and Evangeline Jennings.

A different kind of YA. Nine stories of awakenings and endings. Fetishes, families, firsts and feminism. That kind of thing.

CUEVO DEL DEDO — A transatlantic holiday romance
FURIOUS — A first act of resistance
RIVE GAUCHE — Alex is nobody’s little weasel
GIRL CRUSH — Secret love and a broken family
UMM SUQEIM — Love in the time of trojans, worms, and viruses
PLACEHOLDER — High anxiety in low places
NOLITA — Eugenie will have what Regina’s having
FELICITY — School rules are immutable
PALO ALTO — Internet Stalking 101

Nine stories. Nine girls. But who will be the first girl on the Moon?

Lucy Middlemass and Evangeline Jennings
Lucy and Evangeline. Grrr.

Available as a paperback and an ebook.

April 15 — America Is Not the World

America is not the World - Front CoverAn international collection of poetry and short fiction edited by Rachel Nix.

This is an anthology that hums and crackles. Prepare to emerge from it transformed.
— Shinjini Bhattacharjee, poet and Editor of Hermeneutic Chaos and Press

Raw, diverse, and impassioned. A wake-up call.
— Sade Andria Zabala, columnist for Art-Parasites and author of WAR SONGS and Coffee and Cigarettes

A collection that sings.
— Donna-Marie Riley, author of Love and Other Small Wars

Rachel. Purrrr.

Available as a paperback only.

April 16 — Ted Cruz Smiles and a Baby Dies

Ted Cruz Smiles - Front CoverA small but impassioned post electoral dystopia blues with contributions from a number of concerned voters.

Welcome to a world where the banks have collapsed, medical care is unattainable, and you have to worship at the right church to get a job at Walmart. A world where women are chattel, ‘Mexicans’ are deported, and Muslims are rounded up and sent to camps.

In the interests of remaining squeaky clean and totally impartial during the no-holds-barred Republican cripple fight, this book will also be available as The Emperor Donald’s Tiny Penis Flatters His Stubby Fingers  (And Vice Versa) so you can ‘vote’ for the sack of shite of your choice.

Available as a paperback, an ebook, and a recurring nightmare.

I know you want to hold my hand. I know you’re gonna love my band. Yeah.


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