Competition Time – Part One – Brave New Girls

You lucky people. Two days, Two most excellent books. Two most excellent giveaways. First up, Brave New Girls and the chance to win a Raspberry Pi and lots of other space pirate plunder by helping editors Paige Daniels and Mary Fan to shine a social media spotlight on female scientists, engineers, and mathematicians everywhere and, indeed. anywhere.

A collection of syfy stories that celebrates women and technology, Brave New Girls includes stories by Kate Moretti, Kate Lansing, Stephen Kozeniewski,  and … um … me, and all revenues are donated to a scholarship fund through the Society of Women Engineers.

IMG_7826Here is the first prize: a Raspberry Pi, a “Girls can’t WHAT?” sticker, and a Brave New Girls paperback, bookmark, and postcard. There are four other prizes, all of which include the paperback.

The giveaway runs until the end of the month and you can enter up to three times a day simply by sharing a picture of your favorite female engineer, scientist, programmer, cetera on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #‎goSTEMgirls. It can be someone famous or an unsung heroine — a teacher, a friend, a family member.

For more information, check out Mary’s page announcing the competition.

To sweeten the deal, maybe, maybe not, here’s the first hundred words of my own story, ‘Courage Is …’

“Are you sure you can spare the time?”

“Are you serious?”

Gracie was distracted. The neighborhood kids were playing in the courtyard and yet again they hadn’t invited her. Gracie was beginning to hate her neighborhood. Even so, a slow grin spread across her face as she realized what she’d said and who she’d said it to. She turned away from her window to face him. “Oh, I’m sorry, Rostom. I was parsecs away.”

“That’s OK, Gracie, I quite understand.” His accent was different again that afternoon. Rostom was easily bored and always experimenting. The previous day he’d been a statuesque woman with flaming red hair.

And to make up for that, here’s a song from Angela and Aubrey.

You can find our other competition — [RE]Sisters — somewhere roundabout here.


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