Fresh: Enigma of Four Elements by Sumayyah Malik

Enigma of Four Elements

The 4am ice-candy water;
Cried with a steamy laughter in my heart
Cried for existence or non-existence?
Grunted with a snorty sob in my chest
Grunted for presence or absence?

The 4am blackened fire;
Rushing into that cobwebbed, deserted spine
Rushing for life or death?
Metabolizing that spider-wicked, mental asylum,
Metabolizing soul or body?

The 4am fog air;
Shoots my blood to glide into a field of thorns
Shooting for passion or reason?
Pushes my nerves to swim into that pool of fossils
Pushing sensations or thoughts?

The 4am smell of earth;
Trembling into pores of my fingers
Trembling for love or hatred?
Travelling into dendrites of my neurons
Travelling for sanity or madness?

That 4am mad-madness;
Initiated by water and fire
Initiated by air and earth,
Dropped me in an abyss of realization or doubt?
Dropped me in a chasm of four-four elements.


Sumayyah Malik is a graduate in English Literature from Islamabad, Pakistan. Her life revolves around vivid imaginations, frothy mugs of coffee and daydreaming. She loves midnight lights and froggy winter.


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