2016 (What the fuck is going on?)

After yesterday’s brief update on the state of our submissions, we were asked what else was going on. This.

First Girl on the Moon
A fiction collection by Lucy Middlemass and Evangeline Jennings for Young Adults of all ages. Feminism, snark, families, and love. Also sex. This one is ready to go, and you’ll be hearing more about it very soon.

Publication date: April 2016.

America is not the World
A deliberately international collection of poetry and short fiction edited by Rachel Nix, America is not the World is being pulled together even as we speak.

Publication date: April 2016.

Burning Down The House
Our post-Trump-y near-future dystopia collection has had more titles than the average Greek royal, but Burning Down The House is the final, official one. Honest. Probably. And we’re working on a final selection of stories even as we speak.

Publication date: April 2016.

Slim Volume 4: See into the Dark
An anthology of horror, strangeness, and the Kafkaesque, edited by Kate Garrett. Submissions close at the end of this week.

Publication date: Friday the 13th of May 2016.
Launch: Wednesday, 18th May, upstairs at the Riverside bar in Sheffield, UK.

The Gospel According To St Rage
A wonderful YA novel by Karen Eisenbrey, The Gospel According To St Rage is in the final stages of editing and we’re all very excited about this one. It’s the perfect high school/superhero/punk rock crossover, and it’s going to very medium-sized.

Publication date: June 2016.

Decked in Jackstays
Kate Garrett’s piratical poetry collection of love, sex and murder on the high seas.

Publication date: Summer 2016.

A celebration of the monstrous regiment of women in art. Edited by Kate and Rachel. Open for submissions until the end of April.

Publication date: Summer 2016.


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