Fresh: Stagnant by Chaiyah Ramlogan


it stays in my heart,
words you tried to re-swallow but went down the wrong way
have been building colonies along my windpipe
and all i can think is
at least we share them, at least they still belong to us both.
in my mind, hands that aren’t as careful to treasure
the horizontal wounds across your back
or lips that don’t value the act of cooperation and fair chance
have grazed along your body in an act of denial,
a strengthening of repression,
a projection of all I’ve done wrong, fired right back in my direction.
you don’t know it yet,
but the hollows in our bodies have been there since conception,
and for you, i’m the woman who removes limbs and readjusts
to constantly fit that mold.
and now it hurts.
now, when the time has come for my body to function and take me
from place to place, farther away from you,
i can only do what i’ve taught myself to.

 A psychology major and Caribbean girl kept alive by coffee and wine, Chaiyah Ramlogan spends her nights soaking up the world, and rarely affiliate with the days.





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