Fresh: Blunderland by David Chrzanowski


Big mouths jinx ambition.
Climb aboard tour buses
towards success.

(This is not a measure of success)

The greatness of the
++++++scene around you
becomes your foxhole.

Your name’s not Alice,
this is Blunderland.

It absorbs into every piece
of your inner lining.

The way isn’t down –
++++++walk through,

Your life guides all.
Use the blueprints
and find the way.

David Chrzanowski, 28, is a poet, writer and musician from Plymouth, UK. He has had poems published in anthologies and print magazines, such as First Writer, as well as guest posts on blogs. When not writing and publishing poetry on his blog, he spends his time writing about his favourite bands and all things football related. He is a massive Smiths fan and has two cats named Morrissey and Johnny Marr.


If you are an unpublished or emerging poet, and would like your work to appear on Fresh, then you can find out how right here!


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