America is not the World — An update

By Rachel Nix

If you’ve ever read a Pankhearst book, you know you’re not diving into something that’s been stripped of its intent. You know you’re not reading a candied down translation of what the writers meant. You’re getting art that won’t be hushed for the sake of acceptance. Expect that with America is not the World.

When this project kicked off, I asked for y’all to write about your world, your way – to tell us why you’re at war with it or how you survive in it. I wanted your history, glorious as it is, or crumbled and begging for revolution. I’m getting what I asked for.

Submissions close in less than two weeks – that’s January 4th – and I’m buried in both poetry and short fiction from all over the world. I expect a lot more. People are speaking up in ways anthologies rarely capture and it’s exciting to be able to share their voices. That’s not to say editing this collection is not daunting, but I’m thankful for the chaos in my inbox. It’s a war in there, and one I want to take part in. I’m proud of the fight left in folks, and of the anger and adoration people aren’t afraid to own. The subjects are pissing me off and making me cry; some of these pieces are making me want to pack my bags and relocate. They cause reaction and that is the entire point of this book.

Everything is important. We are not the borders which divide us and the literature that’s being collected for this project will preach to that. Imagine learning about the world not through some biased media outlet, but through actual individuals who live in the headlines – or those who don’t make it to the news, because the network gods don’t deem them important enough. I considered myself a pretty aware individual before Evangeline and Kate suggested I edit this anthology, but I’m being taught something by everyone who has submitted. I don’t like everything I’m learning, but that’s part of this existence – to understand what our neighbors are going through, to see what they’re doing to make change.

If I’ve not gotten back to you yet, patience is appreciated. Like I said, I’m swamped in submissions and rushing through your truths isn’t in the plans.

There’s still time to share your take on all of this, so get on it.


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