Fresh: Learning the Fear of Flight by Ben Walls

Learning the Fear of Flight

When I flew to Boston,
right hand in my sister’s,
left hand clutching my stuffed parrot’s right wing
a flight attendant holding his left,
I remember the fearless jumping
the unbound thrill of flight
my tiny body somehow sucked
through and out the jet turbines,
spinning in the clouds.

But when I flew south, years later,
my sister was in school, and my mother
hid behind a concrete pillar
while my stepfather made sure I learned
my lesson.

The truth is, he told me, family only misses you
if you never come back.

Ben Walls holds a BA in English and has returned to school recently. He is a 30 year old father to six cats, has driven across the continental US twice, and loves to sing. He has created, and promptly forgotten how to access, a half dozen blogs and remains convinced there are elves inside his phone. His work has previously been seen at Melancholy Hyperbole and Up the Staircase Quarterly.



If you are an unpublished or emerging poet, and would like your work to appear on Fresh, then you can find out how right here!


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