Fresh: Your Birthday Tattoos by Hasan Jamal

Your Birthday Tattoos

Nineteen with no tats
Through tinted specs
They don’t see you like I do

The butterflies
A shoulder to hip cascade
Purple wings and blues

The fleeting ravens
Soaring ephemeral on your arm
Inky black

A leaf on the wind
Caught in the breeze of your step
Paint stained tears

Le je ne sais (pas) quois
Dessous votre cœur
Notre stylo violette

The music notes
Dancing on reverb-wrist
Twinkling copper dust

The robin
Forever shoulder-perched
Tittering a sea-green tune

The ring
Curled tight around your finger
Infinite shades of promise

I see you
The platitudes of uninked skin
Let’s write all our favourite songs

When he isn’t saving the world as an Advisory intern at PWC Pakistan, Hasan Jamal likes to educate himself about the written word, dabbling in fan-fiction, creative non-fiction and more recently, poetry. He hopes to save all the needy animals and failing budgets in the world one day but until then, he is plugging away behind his textbooks, being kind to the world’s vitriol — ending it for good one bit at a time.

If you are an unpublished or emerging poet, and would like your work to appear on Fresh, then you can find out how right here!


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