Fresh: Unity? by Jax J. Victor


Did you ever, stop
Think down
Think into how we tick
How magical we are

Inside each of us exists
A system so complex
So ceaselessly functioning
Keeping us alive
To experience
To learn
To love

We abuse so harshly
But it keeps fighting
To keep us alive
We all have that


Stop wasting your unique
Don’t take it for granted
And be true
We are all made
Of the same clay

Have you done enough by the time
It stops fighting

A twenty something writer living in East Anglia, England, Jax J. Victor has been an avid creator in many forms since a young age. The arts have been a constant outlet with writing being the beginning of it all. He lives surrounded by books and cats while musing over topics and themes to write about that appeal to his deep set love of all things fantasy and horror. Find him on Facebook, or on his website.

If you would like to appear in either Fresh, or our monthly poetry profile Fresh: Featured, then you can find out how right here!


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