Fresh: Post sanity by Anamoli Meraki

Post sanity

We talk about gender like it’s binary
as if it is as black and white as that,
Missing out on all the glorious colours that are in-between
on the spectrum at which they habitat.
Flamboyant and bold and luminous
like neon glow sticks in a cave
dodging the ugly stalagmites and stalactites of societal norms
creating rainbows as they weave.

We talk about sanity like it is binary
like you’re either sane or you are not
Confusing intellect, sensitivity and creativity
with illness, disorders and diseases that you believe we’ve got
There is no room for fluidity
in your rigid tick box ways
Open wider your narrow eyes
And real eyes we’re not crazy, just post-sane

Yes we push your boundaries
Yes we can be pests
Yes we will analyse your theories
And we will not be repressed
And when our high kicks and colourful weaving
Become too psychedelic for your hair’s wisp of peeping eyes
Handcuffs become our bracelets
And you steal the authority over our lives.
But we can work it baby, we can work it baby
faeries, queers, post-sane and all the rest.
Fluidity can seep and trickle into all the cracks
and lubricate the kinks.
And time goes on and we evolve
into ever more flamboyant creatures
creativity will be nurtured more and more
and insanity become outdated.

And suddenly we’ll realise
that things are not black and white
We cannot measure ‘self’ in binaries terms
or attribute differences to illnesses and shite
sanity is outdated, I’d rather be post-sane
evolving and travelling into the cosmos
drifting away from old fashioned terms and chains.

We no longer talk about people
being just black or white
and we recognise that People Of Colour
Can also have a skin tone that is light
It seems that society’s vision and terminology
is a bucket full of shite
Gender and sanity are not binary
And the universe is more than black and white.


Anamoli Meraki is a poet and singer based in Sheffield, England. She has performed both music and poetry at several events and festivals, including Sheffield’s own Tramlines music festival and the South Yorkshire Poetry Festival fringe. Find her on Facebook: Ms Anamoli.



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