Write like a girl

By Evangeline Jennings

Garage Band
The classic ‘Kate’ t-shirt

From time to time, we do little bits and pieces of merchandising to promote our “brand” and have fun with our stuff.

Rachel and badges

First, we did badges. Or pins if you’re that way inclined.

Then bookmarks. And notepads.

And we did an occasional one-off bag or shirt. Lately, however, we’ve had people asking us to sell them a t-shirt — which is kind of weird because we want to sell you books — but OK.

Apparently our Write Like A Girl badge (or pin) has piqued and tweaked your interest. So we’ve decided to offer you the same design on a t-shirt. It comes in a variety of colours and styles, and because we are equal opportunities entrepreneurs there is even a Token Man’s Write Like A Girl t-shirt.

We have some rather ambitious plans for a Big Mad Pankhearst Competition based around these shirts. Details coming soon. But in the meantime, follow the links below.

Pankhearst UK | Pankhearst US



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