Fresh: Cascade of Rain by Fran Critchlow

Cascade of Rain

We slept together under a cascade of rain
With twigs and leaves as our rooftops
The shapes of the moon cut our entertainment,
A banquet of alcoholic strawberries scattered around us.

I spent hours playing with your hair, trying to undo the knots.
It made me happy because it showed how little you cared.
We drew pictures of the sea.

That boy asked us to come to the party,
I told him: I didn’t even know if I went to school anymore, so how could I?
So we ran down the streets pulling faces and repeating ourselves instead,
Trying to look prettier from the contents of charity shops

You said I was made outta of spikes
But underneath was something blue and brilliant.
I said you’ll never get rid of the spikes, I need them.
You smiled like you knew more than me-
maybe you did

We waved flags with fanatics, I never really cared,
But I waved mine like I was crazy anyway.
Later we passed out on the bonnet of a car dreaming of daisies and high on ecstasy.
At night we hid in almost complete darkness
But I needed a tiny flame because I was too afraid of what ran around in the shadows

I’m writing this in the sunshine now
And what we did all feels like a faraway dream,
Slipped inside my mind’s eye.
But we slept under a cascade of rain.
It drenched us,
Right down to our nerves;
Left us shivering violently
But it was what love feels like.

Fran Critchlow has been writing ever since she can remember, everytime she’s had an idea she’s tried to write about it some way, but it’s only recently that she’s started to have confidence in her writing abilities. Fran is inspired by things in everyday life which she finds magical – she thinks that there is Magic in the world it just depends which lens you choose to look at it through. She is fascinated by people, they are another massive inspiration for writing – other people never stop being interesting, we are such beautiful complex creatures. She writes poems mainly, and occasionally short stories. One day she would love to attempt to write a novel, but the whole idea of it just seems too daunting right now. When Fran isn’t writing she works with and for different mental health groups and organisations, promoting and teaching service user rights and equality. As a mental health service user herself, Fran thinks this work is extremely important and life affirming.

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