Fresh: Winter by Krista Cox


Have you found love, yet?
they always ask her
eyes cast on the ash spreading
from her temples. She does not
reply, but the turned-up corners
of her thin lips answer

I’ve found it in snowflakes
climbing through the brittle winds,
in the twin fires of the sun
stretching over earth, in the living
smell of pine and the crunch
of its bones beneath my feet,
in the stillness of my breath
in the expansive dark

Yes, but did you find love?
they ask, and never understand
how her small body takes up
so much space in the world.

Krista Cox can be found in Indiana, where she lives with two precious patience-testers (children) and works with three of them (lawyers). Her poetry has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Stirring, Words Dance, cahoodaloodaling, Rogue Agent, and Menacing Hedge. Her OKCupid profile is a work of creative literary genius. Find her on the web at



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