Coming Soon

By Zoë Spencer

I’m always telling the PH powers that be they need to get their fingers out and let everybody know what we’re up to here at Le Château du Pankhearst. But sadly, with typical cunning, Evangeline has turned that back around on me and told I should do it. So now I am.

First, of course, the rather filthy book I wrote with Maddy, Girls and Boys, is selling like cannabis cakes at an Amazon near you. And Maddy and I are plotting out the next season of our not-quite-award-winning serial, The Vegas Thing.

Next up in the Singles Club — Beretta, which is already available to pre-order. And this is a story with a story of its own. Promoting her fabulous Riding in Cars with Girls, Evangeline ran a competition and … well, here, read all about it for yourself.

Beretta - Introduction

So Evangeline wrote Beretta for Rachel, and during the writing they kept in touch and now they’re the best of friends and Rachel, a pretty mean poet in her own write, has ended up joining Pankhearst as an Associate Editor. You couldn’t make this shit up.

First Girl On The Moon - Front CoverNext up, after Beretta, will be First Girl on the Moon, a joint venture between Lucy Middlemass and Evangeline – who obviously likes to keep busy. I don’t know anything about this one except that it’s YA-ish and going out to a handful of beta readers early this week, including moi. I’m kind of excited.

Now let’s talk about our open submissions. There’s still time to submit something for the latest edition of our poetry and flash fiction journal, Slim Volume. Submissions close on August 3rd. And we’re accepting your perviest Halloween erotica up until August 17th – Ten Thirty One.

Also, of course, we are permanently open for subs to the Singles Club, Fresh (for poetry), and Raw (short fiction). Aren’t we busy bees?


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