Fresh: Why my eyes get heavier by Orooj-e-Zafar

why my eyes get heavier

pain was once the taste of a headache
on the bridge of my mouth, the quiver
of my arthritic fingers, the pining
pangs and the screams of every cell
that made me

but pain matured:
now it precipitates to weights
and gravity
making my every projection
a center to act on

all my ends are vulnerable
I am a host

easy to encompass
simpler still, to cut open
so hear this:

when you ask me to walk a mile
in your shoes, know that I couldn’t even stand
my own.

OroojOrooj-e-Zafar is a Browncoat nineteen-year-old mosaic, in her first year of med school. She fancies herself a certified overthinker and spoken word poet, frequently performing in front of audiences in her city at venues such as Kuch Khaas, among many others. She has been published at The Missing Slatecahoodaloodaling and recently released her first spoken word album, the articulation of my vertebrae: from being spineless to finally standing tall.

If you would like to appear in either Fresh, or our monthly poetry profile Fresh: Featured, then you can find out how right here.


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