Fresh: Peaceful Mind by Heather McGowan

Peaceful Mind

There is a place where a stream trickles through sheltered woodland,
over pebbles, creating soft, tiny bubbles.

There is a place where birds sing in perfect harmony,
Where a Tree Creeper leads her mate, as they dance around branches.

There is a place where sounds of the outside world can only be heard at the pitch of a whisper…

And in this place hangs a tree swing
Hanging by a knotted, faded rope,
Ends cut off, tatty…
Hanging with memories of past times fulfilled.

The trees around me stand tall and strong,
Forever our faithful playmates,
In this place they keep me safe…

This is my place, but is open to you,
There are just the trees, the birds and me,
And all those pleasant memories…

HeatherMGBorn in Whitehaven, on the edge of the Lake District in Cumbria, Heather McGowan has spent most of her life outdoors, and has an appreciation for nature’s beauty. Many of her poems are influenced by this, as well as life experiences. She has had a keen interest in poetry for nearly 10 years, since studying English Literature for GCSE, and was also the main songwriter in her high school band. Many of her poems were originally written as songs. Heather is currently studying Counselling and Psychotherapy at university; she hopes to inspire others through poetry, loving the idea of metaphor and how it can create a more open picture for others to relate to the subject in their own unique ways.

Facebook: Heather’s Creative Writing

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