Who the hell is Rachel Nix?

Today we welcome Rachel Nix to the Wonderful World of Pankhearst. She’s a poetrix, editrix, and all round Southern charmer. Butter definitely melts in her mouth.

OK, Rach, so who the hell are you? I’m Rachel, a hack of a poet and a hot sauce enthusiast

I have nothing to declare but my genius and … ? my mighty powers at cahoodaloodaling, which is where I reign as Poetry Editor. I’m blind there, so I’m not that mighty in the I-know-people-and-can-get-you-in kinda way, but our submissions are judged ever so fairly because of that, which is always nice. Everyone should flood us with their own genius creations. Do it here.

Why the hell should we care? Because I have an evil eye that’ll haunt you if you don’t give a rip about my importantness.

What the hell do you care about? Thinking. That entails a lot, but it’s something a hellova lot of people have forgotten how to do. It’s the reason so many are still judgmental and ridiculous about the rights of others and why some folks are more focused on themselves than things that should matter.

You are about to be castaway with the author or fictional character of your choice. You’re going to be alone with them for at a full year. Who would you choose? And why? I’m gonna take advantage of this question and say Tina Fey. I know she’s a comedian, but she DID write a best-selling book. I haven’t actually read it yet (I have it and the intent, though) but I have a person-crush on her and who would ever be more entertaining to share an island with? Yeah.

I have seen the future of poetry and its name is …? Meghedi Tamazian. She’s an incredibly talented spoken word poet and just an all around gorgeous human. I’ve been following her work for a few years now and she’s got a growl in her that’s getting stronger all the time. We’ve published her at cahoodaloodaling and basically you all need to give this a listen.

What is next for you? Travel! My grandmother used to call me a road whore and summertime is when I’m at my absolute flooziest. I’m intending on heading Northeast in a month or so to visit my writing mentor and a few other poet-people.

Tell us a secret. I have a lazy eye. I’m into weird attributes, though, so I’m not at all embarrassed by it. It’s the right one – it kinda wanders off and peeks where it shouldn’t sometimes. That’s charming, right?

More Rach

interviewpicRachel Nix is a native of Northwest Alabama and considers herself a token Southerner minus a few standard attributes: she’s a liberal who won’t drink Bud Light and she thinks frogs are frightening. People cock their heads at her frequently but she’s managed to live with herself.

She drinks coffee at all hours, doesn’t believe in algebra, and falls in temporary love with anyone who can nerd out on the meaning of random ‘90s songs.

Her work has most recently appeared in Words Dance, Melancholy Hyperbole, and Bop Dead City. Rachel is the poetry editor at cahoodaloodaling; more of her poetry can be found at: chasingthegrey.com


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