Slim Volume: This Body I Live In

By Kate Garrett

Publication is imminent for our second Slim Volume anthology, Wherever You Roam. Not being one to slow down for long, this seemed like a good time to put the word out for all interested writers to fill Slim Volume the third – This Body I Live In – with their best poetry and flash fiction about the physical.

For our next anthology, send me your poems and tiny stories about being alive in your body. Or even, if you like, the death of the body.

I want your corporeal experience put into words – whether this is sex, movement, injury, illness, birth. Tell me how you (or your characters) feel about running a marathon, the sweaty delirium of a fever dream, the way water glides through your hair when you swim, the heady sway of a drunken evening out (or the morning after…), or your identity as it relates to your physical self.

If it’s physical, anything goes. So send us some:

  • Poems – 40 lines or less
  • Flash Fiction – 750 words or less

Send up to five poems or three flash fictions – or a reasonable mix of the two – to

Previously published work is fine, as long as you let me know where it appeared first, and you still own the rights.

Simultaneous submissions are okay too, but please let me know if you need to withdraw a piece from consideration.

Slim Volume is edited by Kate Garrett.

Submissions will close on 3 August 2015.


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