Who the hell is Tash McAdam?

Today we welcome Tash McAdam to the Wonderful World of Pankhearst. Tash is rather lovely. Colour us smitten – or words to that effect.

OK, Tash, so who the hell are you? A being made predominantly of strawberry laces and covered in glitter.

I have nothing to declare but my genius and … ? the fact that the government is definitely running a secret telepath program. Find out how to defend yourself in SLAM.

Why the hell should we care? ‘Cause if you don’t I’ll give you a noogie. Or you’ll be abducted (but not by me).

What the hell do you care about? Diversity in young adult fiction. And cookies.

You are about to be castaway with the author or fictional character of your choice. You’re going to be alone with them for at a full year. Who would you choose? And why? Super hard question! I would like to pick someone both practical and beautiful. So sorry, Chris Ryan. You might be able to build me a sweet-ass shelter, but I’m just not interested in only your company for a year. I’m gonna have to go with Karris from the Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks. Hot, cool, (all temperatures!) interesting, and with awesome magic to help pass the time and make our lives easier.

I have seen the future of fantasy and its name is …? Brent Weeks (I’m sorry, I’m super obsessed).

What is next for you? Well, I just found four four-leaf clovers, so whatever it is, I expect it’s going to be AMAZING. I have a few releases coming up that I’m really excited about. My first story in the Warp Weavers series -teenagers ripping holes between dimensions to stop an inter-world war- is slated for a summer release and I’m really looking forward to that.

Tell us a secret. I can blow bubbles out of my right eye! Worst superpower ever. It’s really handy for grossing out children though.

More Tash

Tash McAdam’s first writing experience (a collaborative effort) came at the age of eight, and included passing floppy discs back and forth with a best friend at swimming lessons. Since then, Tash has spent time falling in streams, out of trees, learning to juggle, dreaming about zombies, dancing, painting, learning Karate, becoming a punk rock pianist, and of course, writing.

Tash is a teacher in real life, but dreams of being a full-time writer, and living a life of never-ending travel. Though born in the hilly sheepland of Wales, Tash has lived in South Korea and Chile and now calls Vancouver, Canada home.

SLAM, a Psionics novella, is Tash’s first published work. Maelstrom, the first full-length novel, will release in summer/fall, 2015.

http://bit.ly/tashgr (goodreads)
http://bit.ly/buyslam (amazon)

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