By Evangeline Jennings

You may remember that about a month ago I bitched out the world of book bloggers for a general reluctance and in many cases an overt refusal to review any form of queer literature.  Or not.

Anyhoo. With the kind help of others, I have since discovered a thriving and supportive community of web sites and bloggers who positively ache to support queer writers of all kinds, and I will be reorganizing our own links pages shortly to reflect this.

My problem has been, I think, that I have never defined myself as a writer in terms of my sexuality or gender. I thought I was just a writer. All I’ve ever wanted is for people to read my words and form their own opinions but I struggle to get my stories in front of them because my books don’t fit into the usual snug and lazy categories. Which I thought was kind of the point of being an Independent Author.

Yesterday, joking around with friends, I said I can never decide if I want to write Young Adult, or Red Hot Girl on Girl BDSM Porn, or a Much Better Girl With A Really Good Dragon Tattoo. So I write them all at the same time. And not only at the same time, as the very lovely Ellie pointed out, but often in the same story.

So no, I don’t write Romance or Urban Fantasy. The love for all things silly and supernatural leaves me cold. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. So what we’re going to do, right here on this very website is launch a new regular Platform Feature designed to support and perhaps promote writers who dare to be a little Other or Different. Writers who are independent at heart. Poets who seldom rhyme ‘moon’ with ‘June’. That kind of thing.

We’re probably going to test the idea out by featuring our very own Zoë Spencer and Madeline Harvey – authors of our weekly serial The Vegas Thing – and then we’ll be opening it out to anyone who would like to participate.

You can read the latest episode of The Vegas Thing.

And you can register your interest in our new Platform Feature.

Don’t be shy.



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