By Evangeline Jennings

Ms Tee Tyson and I have been editing filth this week.

Girls & Boys - Shades of GreyA long time ago, Madeline Harvey and  Zoë Spencer wrote a couple of stories called Metal Heart and The Trick is to Keep Breathing intending that they would serve as a bridge between their stories in Cars & Girls and a novel they would write together called The Vegas Thing. Zoë wrote about their research and writing process in a piece we republished here — Fifty Shades of Green.

TVT is now our web serial – the seventh episode was published today – and we’re shaping up to publish the girls’ filth sometime soon as Girls and Boys.

We’ve spoken before about the differences in writing style between Maddie and Zoë and it’s at its most obvious when you read their filth. If you met these two girls, you’d assume they were two peas in a pod – because that is how they come across in person. Sometimes, particularly when you go out with them, they make you feel like there are only two types of people in the world. Them and everyone else. But when you read The Vegas Thing and – even more so – Girls and Boys, it soon becomes clear that although our portmanteau author Harvey Spencer is an Army of Two in almost every regard, they are still very different people.

And yet, as Emily and Etta finally climb into the same car for the last stage of their roadtrip(s) to Vegas, it strike me as uncanny how well they write for each other’s character.

Judge for yourself – The Vegas Thing, Episode Seven


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