Sexy Times with Madeline Harvey

By Zoë Spencer

To celebrate the release of the fifth episode of our serial, The Vegas Thing, I thought we’d talk about sex. Again.

The truth is I always planned to be a YA author. Some of you may even have seen my draft YA novel Redoubt out there somewhere or other on the internet. My invitation to join my friends at Pankhearst, however, required me to write more adult material. It was an eye-opening experience, at first. And then it got hot and heavy. Let’s go way back, as the hip hoppers say.

In my Cars & Girls novella 500, I wrote about violence, obsession, betrayal, and sex. Quite a lot of sex, as it turned out. Because my main character, Emily, enjoys it a great deal. My BFF and Vegas Thing collaborator Madeline Harvey claims I modeled Emily on her. That’s obviously not true. Emily looks nothing like Kate Bush.

And then when I was about to go back to my whole YA thing, Harvey and I went out for a very boozy do with Evangeline to celebrate the launch of Cars & Girls and somehow we all agreed it would be a good idea to write a novel – which is now a serial – together featuring both Emily and Maddy’s main character, the rough, ready, and ruthless Loretta. At the time we were going to call our Emiletta (Lorily?) collaboration Head On but then we didn’t.

The cover for Girls And Boys
Girls And Boys

At the same time, we also each agreed to write a short story bridge between Cars And Girls and Head On that shows our characters setting out on the journeys that bring them together in The Vegas Thing. And we agreed to make these new short stories erotica – or, as we say at Team P, Noirotica. Or possibly Porn.

I’m not sure how I let myself get talked into that. In 500, the sex came naturally with the plot. It belonged. And it was only a small – though hot – part of the overall story. I wasn’t – and still am not – the most outgoing girl in the world. I didn’t have a wealth of experience to fall back on. And I had no idea how to go about writing sex for its own sake. Especially since I had no time for any of those silly “erotic romance” clichés.

Fortunately, there was an answer. Harvey and a couple of bottles of wine. And sometime soon I’ll tell you how we researched our subject. But for now all you need to know is that our Noirotica stories will be coming out in a book called Girls & Boys on Kindle and in Paperback in four or five weeks time. Editors willing.


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