Haiku Contest Results

By Kate Garrett

So the entries for the anti-romance haiku competition were sent to me in all of their seventeen-syllables-each glory on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who entered – no one’s a bigger fan of anti-romance than I am, and I do like a good haiku.

The winner and three runners up (and an honourable mention, but we’ll get to that) were chosen via a blind submissions process, and have all been notified. For your reading pleasure (or something), they are:

Winner of a signed copy of No Love Lost, and five Pankhearst badges:

Recycled your card,
Sent it to your BFF –
I’m not your landfill.

Kay Buckley lives in Barnsley. Her poems have been published in magazines, e-zines and anthologies including Butcher’s Dog, Brittle Star, Proletarian Poetry, Three Drops from a Cauldron and The Darker Side of Love by Paper Swans Press.

And our three runners up, each winning a free ebook copy of No Love Lost:

Sandwich to myself
Binge watching Netflix all day
Love is for the birds

Justine Grimmett is an aspiring teacher and writer who hails from the Great White North, and remains there despite a deep-seated hatred of cold weather. Her hobbies and interests range anywhere from the creative arts to eating food. When she isn’t busy pursuing artistic and educational goals or stuffing her face with cheesecake, she can be found at https://justgrimm.wordpress.com posting a blog or two.

Enjoying the view
Sitting cross legged on my shelf
Of love’s fools below

Alison Edmunds is a married mother and grandmother. She took early retirement from teaching science and has since suffered with anxiety and depression. She finds writing poetry helps her to deal with these. She is also a prolific reader, cook and enjoys many crafts including card making, knitting and cross stitch.

He took off the cuffs.
She pouted, her breasts heaving.
The cell door slammed shut.

Andrew Brenton is not a poet, but a photographer. But he is married to a poet so maybe some of it has rubbed off on him. He has a website at http://www.andrewbrenton.com where you won’t find any poems – just photographs.

And our honourable mention haiku, which I chose as one of the runners up due to the blatant Smiths lyric inserted in the second line – until the poet admitted who she was (thus proving how well a blindly judged competition works):

I waste another
Friday night in outpatients
Bleeding over you

Evangeline Jennings needs no introduction. But she is the Editor’s Editor.

Thanks again to our winners, runners up, and all competition entrants. Also: don’t forget submissions to our second Slim Volume, Wherever You Roam close on Sunday 1 March – we’d love to see your most unusual pomes and flash fictions about place and environment.


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