Internet serial is serious business

By Zoë Spencer

I woke up half an hour ago and realized I’d forgotten to announce this week’s episode of our serial, The Vegas Thing. It’s not my fault. It’s Harvey’s. She took me out last night and we got very, very drunk. And I mean shit-faced. So here I am now in her bed with a head like a bear’s arse, no idea what to say, and a deep-rooted fear of saying something stupid or worse, something I shouldn’t say.

Give me a moment.



So we’ve introduced you to our characters, the allegedly Honorable Em and the Utterly Disreputable Etta – one of them on the run, the other chasing something – and we’re now bringing the two of them slowly together. It feels a lot like flirting. A little eye contact here. Some body language there. One thing’s for sure: as they move relentlessly west towards Las Vegas, it’s only a matter of time before the two girls hook up.

Watch this space.


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