Together At Last

By Madeline Harvey

For a long while I wasn’t sure how this whole serial thing was going to pan out. Strictly speaking of myself, I have a hard time writing on my own. When there is the added pressure of someone else, you worry whether your styles will mesh, or if they will think your parts are utter tripe. This is the first time I’ve seen our work side by side like this, and I think it really works. Of course, the incomparable Zoë opts to leave us breathless and intrigued with but a page, while I lean towards the more long winded side of things. As it goes.

As I sit by the window, sipping a lovely red wine on this Valentine’s Weekend, I think of Etta and Eddie and how they are the couple I long to be. Their dysfunctional relationship is the most functional I’ve ever seen. Does that make sense? Or is this wine going to my head?

Moving forward, we will be merging our characters more and more, not just the glimpse this episode shows, but a full on melding of the girls. One of the great things about writing someone else’s character and having them write yours, is seeing how someone else comprehends them. When you read their draft through, you can pick up your mobile and question your counterpart. Why did you write that? What is her motivation? I like to believe we have a firm grasp on Etta and Emily alike and the interactions coming down the pipe are seamless.

We will see, I suppose.


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