Getting Hot & Heavy – An Interview With Maddie And Zoë

By Tee Tyson

In the third episode of our web serial, The Vegas Thing, published yesterday, the two main characters meet for the first time. And unlike Hart to Hart, murder is the last thing on anybody’s mind.

Tee: OK, girls. I need to know. Did you plan for Emily and Etta’s first encounter to be so . . . sexual?

Madeline Harvey: Nah, it was never intentional, but we wanted there to be a big bang as they came together, fireworks. It kind of made sense, you know? Both Etta and Emily have always been these glaring beacons of feminine sexuality in their own rights and there is no reason for that not to carry on with this.

Zoë Spencer: Don’t look at me. She wrote it. But it’s not actually their first encounter. There is a blink and you’ll miss it moment earlier in this episode.

T: Oh, yes, there is. Sorry. But this is more interesting. Now, Madeline, how was it writing a sexy scene like this and handing it off to your best friend for review?

M: Terrifying, really. Of course, Zoë is the complete opposite of a goody-goody, so I knew she wouldn’t judge me. My real concern was, what if this turned her on? Little weird thinking your BF is getting all hot and bothered by your words.

Kate Bush Ingenue Stalked
Kate Bush Ingenue Stalked

T: Out of curiosity’s sake, let’s go to Zoë for her thoughts on this?

Z: She always turns me on. It’s the wide-eyed Kate Bush ingénue thing she’s got going on. But reading about sex doesn’t really do it for me – personally. Writing about it, however? You’d be surprised how that hot that can be.

M: Weirdo.

T: Oh. OK. Thanks for planting that image in my mind. Moving on, there are those who might just find this carnal tryst a little out of place or unnecessary, what do you say to them?

M: Sex is part of life. One of the things I most admire about Etta and Emily is the fact they aren’t afraid of sex or feel whorish over the fact they enjoy it. In my opinion, they are a healthy representation of women who don’t feel guilty or ashamed of something that is incredibly natural. As for whether it is unnecessary, I think not. Sure, Etta is supposed to be searching for her sister, but everyone needs a release every now and then.

Z: I like to think that if I had the chance to fuck against a weirdly famous roadside attraction, I’d be all over that Cadillac like white on rice, or whatever. Those things might come down like dominoes. Though I would probably draw the line at The Thing.

Think about it, though. A gazillion people bought 50 Shades of Grey. Many of them are going to see the movie. And that’s just silly sex. Sooner or later we have to accept that we are sexual beings. It’s better, as Maddie says, to let these energies out rather than bottle them up. That’s just unhealthy.

T: The sexual tension between Etta and Emily is enough to put rouge in any honest woman’s cheeks, is this a little preview of what’s to come with these two leading ladies?

M: Maybe, I say coyly. Or maybe not. I suppose you’ll have to keep tuning in to see where the serial goes.

Z: I’m less coy but I hate spoilers.

T: Alright, play shy about your characters all you like, it will only provoke me to get more personal, like asking if this obvious sexual tension between the two of you has ever proved to be too tempting?

M: I never kiss and tell.
Z: I’m with her. I’m not even going to mention the threesome in Paris.

T: What about the voyeuristic aspect of Episode Three, was this important? Do you think it adds to the story?

M: Without wasting words and time, I think the voyeurism adds a certain depth to the characters, an open-mindedness and a just don’t give a care attitude. Yes, if anyone has read Cars & Girls then they would know Etta and Emily aren’t shy creatures, by any means, but it allows for the newcomers to be let in on that little secret. A sweet wink at the audience, as if to hint that maybe these two are meant to be friends.

Z: Everything adds to the story. If it doesn’t, it shouldn’t be there. There would be no story here at all if Emily and Etta weren’t to get together at some point and this was a neat way to make the introduction that says something about both girls.

T: And have either of you ever participated in voyeuristic activities?

Z: Not deliberately. But I live in the country and – hypothetically speaking – it might be hard to stop when you’re atop a nice young man in the woods and realize someone is watching you. It might even make it more fun.

M: If I refuse to answer, will that make me seem more or less like a puritan?

T: Less, I think, because it obviously indicates you’ve had sex for the enjoyment of a viewing audience. Now I am getting a whole Eyes Wide Shut kind of thing. Did either of you like that movie?

M: Don’t think I’ve seen it.

E: Me either. Is it even in colour?

T: When writing dirty sexy stuff, where do you turn for inspiration?

Z: Although we’re probably giving the opposite impression, we haven’t really written much about sex. The scenes in 500 were my first attempt and it came so naturally that I’ve been accused of writing too much sex into that story. Then we had the idea for Girls and Boys – which should be coming out soon – and that was really easy and fun to do. But that’s it. I’m not exactly prolific. And so far all my inspiration has come from a combination of my own experiences and my fantasies. I have a feeling that if I ever have to seek out inspiration, I’ll be writing a second-rate fake.

M: Naughty songs, mostly.

T: That seems like a good place to send this sensual interview, what are your favourite suggestive songs?

M: Anything by T. Rex – Hot Love or Get It On. Excuse me, I have some music to play.

(Spot the mystery guest)

Z: I don’t know. The songs that I find sexy aren’t really suggestive at all, mostly it’s the sound and the voice. Like there’s a band call Mazzy Star? The singer is spectacular. Some of Portishead. Brian Molko could sing the phone book to me, he’s just … I  mean, fuck. And then there’s Maddie’s mum. Her song The Hounds of Love always hit the spot. But, of course, I never tell her that because it would be so embarrassing.

T: You’re always making with the Kate Bush jokes. You are joking, aren’t you?

Z: Am I?

(Spot the next mystery guest)

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