Friday the 13th

By Kate Garrett

Yes, it’s Friday the 13th but we’ve been looking everywhere here at Pankhearst Towers and we can’t find any of our fucks. So we’re doubling up. Or down. We’ve heard it both way.

First, you can find the next episode of our serial The Vegas Thing right here. It’s kinda steamy but far from your 50 Shades of Harlequin romance shite. And then, to celebrate the time of the year and spit in the eye of fate, we’re also launching our Valentine’s competition a day early.

Chocolates, roses, wine and … anti-romance haiku?

Yep. You heard me. If you’d like the chance to win a signed* copy of Slim Volume: No Love Lost, write your least romantic haiku – that’s three standard 5-7-5 syllable lines to keep things simple – and enter it using the form below

BadgesThe least sentimental wordsmith will win a signed paperback copy of Slim Volume: No Love Lost, and a full set of Pankhearst button-badges. Three unromantic runners up will win ebook copies of No Love Lost, and the eternal honour of having written a badass haiku in protest of The Holiday That Will Not Be Named.

Competition closes on 20 February 2015. Winners will be chosen and announced on Sunday 22 February. Winners will be contacted in advance of the announcement and invited to provide brief biographical details and links to any websites they wish to promote.

*By the editor, at least, and likely some of the writers


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