Emotionally Stunted

By Madeline Harvey

After Zoe mentioned the emotional differences in our characters, I realized the reverse is very much true in real life. Not to say, I am not emotional, but I prefer to keep my resting face a canvas devoid of emotion. On the other hand, Zoe cries. Happy, sad, angry – the tears they cometh, and the tears they floweth. Even more, she’s more like Etta than Emily, in the sense she’s spontaneous and hot-headed. Hello, she vacations on a whim and took a job on a boat, doing God knows what and who, because we were having bad weather and there was nothing good on TV.

I am far more meticulous and calculating, and cold. Not true coldness, but a chilly air that settles over those who invade my personal bubble. A nicer term would be guarded. Yes, I am guarded, while Miss Spencer open and free, gauzy dresses, loose hair and easy laughter. Oh, she’s tough – in her own unique way. For example, she can run and jump and exist on very little sleep and food. And I do believe there is much strength in being able to lay your feelings bare for the world to see.

As I write this, it’s dawned on me, that perhaps we’ve written about each other. Or maybe the similarities I have with Emily and the ones Zoe has with Etta are simply coincidental, but that implies there are only two types of women. Those who reflect the sun and those who absorb it.

I’m not sure that’s true, but I suppose I absorb it.

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